Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Shownotes - Episode 6 - The Voice, and I Don't Mean the TV Show

Hi Everyone-
I hope you find yourselves enjoying these autumn days and that your knitting is going well.  Thanks for joining me for Episode 6.  Here are the links for the things we talked about this week:

Thank you M.Gracie for the very nice iTunes review!

I have received so many compliments about my voice, which is really odd because I am used to hearing all the compliments about my husbands voice!  Meet my husband, Chuck, as he shares his great voice with you. 

Off My Needles:

Robin Hood
Queensland Kathmandu

On My Needles:
Socks on a Farm
One Skein Boot Toppers - pair #2
Malabrigo Worsted

Qued Up:
Rocky Coast Cardigan
Cascade 220 superwash

Tangles and Knots: 
Sheepish Sweater

Respect the Spindle
Spinning is going spinningly...

Sew Fun:
my project bags

My Etsy store:  Robinznest Knits

On the Farm:
Chickens and sheep are growing and thriving.
Last Saturday morning was so beautiful in the barnyard - it felt like a sanctuary.

My Favorite Things:
Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf

My prayers go to the people affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Episode 5 - Trailing of the Sheep

Out and About
I attended my first fiber festival ever - The Trailing of the Sheep in beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho.  I truly enjoyed every thing we did.  I found a great blogger and a kindred spirit in Junelle.  We ate lots of great lamb dishes, learned much about wool, and I bought my first drop spindle!  Practice makes perfect, right?

Off My Needles:

Cambrian Cowl from Coastal Knits

Vanilla Socks are done - even though technically I knit 5 socks to get this pair :\

On My Needles - 

Socks on a Farm by Lala of the Knitgirlls
Low Tide Cardigan otherwise known as Hawaii 2013 on my Ravelry project page.
Robin Hood Hat KAL with Mel from Singlehanded Knits.
Rotation by Cookie A

Tangles and Knots:
Ugh.  Andrea's Wispy Cardi is in time out.
The aforementioned vanilla socks gave me plenty of headache but they are done!

New segment:  You know your a knitter when......

On the Farm:
Chicken house has been winterized.  We lost another chicken in the horse trough.  Any ideas how to remedy this?
Sheep are easy keepers.  Seriously.

Technique:  A new and improved way of doing a simple SSK.

My Favorite Things:  Reading glasses from the Target dollar bin.  Yay!!!

In My Sewing Studio:  I'm creating some project bags for my knitting and having a blast doing it.  Here is my first prototype:

Calendar of Hope

Big thank yous to the most kind podcasters who have given me great shoutouts on their podcasts:
Jen of Down Cellar Studios
Barb and Tracy of 2 Knit Lit Chicks
Dawn of Wolfe Farms
Jessica from Knitting Brooklyn

Thank you to all who have left such sweet comments and reviews on iTunes.  You all make me feel so happy!

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Episode 4 - Happy Autumn!

You can link to episode 4 over in the sidebar,  or you can download at iTunes at Robinznest. 

So maybe recording a podcast at 4:45 A.M. isn't the best idea after all - my voice sounds really tired and I completely forgot to add the On The Farm jingle.  Oh well, it is what it is.

Big thank you's to all the sweet comments left at Ravelry, iTunes, and here at the blog.  Your words have really made me feel great about doing this podcast.

Contest Winner:  karenswb (Ravelry name) is the winner of the Knitting desk calendar.  Congratulations Karen!

Off My Needles:   Sweetheart Skirt, Flower Cardigan and Hat, and One Skein Boot Toppers

On My Needles:  Vanilla Sock, Wispy Cardi, and Low Tide

Qued Up:  Rotation by Cookie A.  BEAUTIFUL sweater!

On the Farm:  We have a newly hatched baby chick!  Who knew chicks REALLY hatched out of eggs!  And for those who don't know, this is what a silkie chicken looks like.

My Favorite Things:  Ravulous and Ravelry Photo Uploader have made maintaining my stash on Ravelry very do-able!  Check it out to see if it works for you.  County Plus also works through Ravelry to make tracking your rows and stitches so very easy.

Out and About - So excited to be attending the Trailing of the Sheep Festival in Hailey, ID  October 11-14.

My Happy Place:  Miss Babs yarn has the BEST package presentation ever!  I felt like I was opening a very special gift.  And the yarn - Oh. My. Goodness.  It is to die for!

Check it Out:  Toe Up 2 at a Time Socks by Melissa Morgan-Oakes.  I give it 5 Cast On's - my highest recommendation!  I also review The Sock Knitters Handbook by Charlene Schurch and Beth Parrott.  This book also gets 5 Cast On's.